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Top Five 2016 Cycling Events for Spectators

Cycling events are becoming more and more popular, with a number of cycling enthusiasts looking out for cycling events that are taking place throughout 2016. Some fans may wish to employ the services of a company who specialises in sports travel tours to ensure they get their fix of cycling action throughout 2016. Below are five of the most popular upcoming cycling events.


Although the Olympics offer a selection of different events, the cycling events are on offer are more than enough to cater for even the most committed of cycling enthusiasts. There are a selection of cycling events taking place during the 2016 Olympics, including the men’s road race, women’s road race as well as a series of cross-country races. Rio de Janeiro will be the host of the Olympics in 2016.

Tour De France

Any cycling fan will be more than familiar with the Tour De France, and 2016 sees the 103rd edition of the popular multiple stage bicycle event. The event will take place between 2nd July 2016 and 24th July 2016 and will start in the French department of Manche. This is the first time the event has started in Mache since it was created back in 1903.

Vuelta a Espana

Just as the Tour De France takes place in France, the Vuelta a Espana occurs in Spain, while passing through nearby companies. The event was actually inspired by the Tour De France and has been held annually since 1955 and its roots go back to 1935. Although the routes change each year, the format of the event remains the same each year.

UCI Track Cycling World Championships

The UCI Track Cycling World Championships are a series of events that test the disciplines and endurances of cyclists. The event first took place in 1893 and events include team pursuit, individual pursuit and sprint. The event takes place in London Velopark in 2016, a cycling centre on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in East London.

Giro d’Italia

Giro d’Italia is a bicycle race held in Italy, which was first organised in 1909 in a bid to boost the sales of La Gazetta dello Sport, an Italian sports newspaper. The event is currently organised by RCS sport and the 2016 event will take place in the Netherlands. Just like the Vuelta a Espana and Tour De France, the format of Giro d’Italia stays the same each year, but the route changes. All stages within Giro d’Italia are timed to the finish.

These five events are some of the most recognised and respected events in the world of cycling. All have a rich history and have introduced us to cyclists such as Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome. Of course, many of the events can be watched on television, but attending the event is a much different experience.

Much of the fun experienced is finding ways to view the riders as the fly past, For example, attendees of the Tour de France often find ways to get to the route hours before the riders arrive, as well as seeking out good vantage points.