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Great Cycling Tours For 2017

It can be an easy trap to fall into – you go on holiday and see your resort, the beach and a few spots nearby. You don’t get to see the countryside of the place you are visiting and are funnelled into all the ‘tourist’ spots. But there is a great way to have a holiday with a difference that is also great for your health – a cycling holiday.

Why Go Cycling?

Okay, some people go on holiday for a rest and don’t want to be doing anything too active. But for the rest of us, there are lots of reasons to go for a cycling holiday. And even for those who want a rest, these breaks aren’t just about constant activity and being on the move – they are about using the bike to see parts of a place you might otherwise miss. It is about seeing the scenery, the places that guide books miss out and meeting the real people. It is also about being healthy, getting exercise and fresh air as well as being closer to nature and to each other.

Top Destinations

France is a popular place to visit for a cycling holiday due to the range of different locations it has to offer. If you want a real challenge, you can do a tour of the Alps and the Pyrenees as well as including part of the Tour de France for the more experienced riders. But even some of the gentler routes can be an amazing opportunity to see the kind of scenery that the professionals race among. A guided tour is a great option if you are unfamiliar with the area and means you can get routes that suit your abilities.

Cycling holidays in Croatia offer a great balance of scenery, beautiful beaches and seaside locations as well as history with Roman relics and historical towns. Another benefit to the country is that it isn’t a ‘mainline’ tourist destination so you can explore without beating through the crush of vast numbers of other visitors. There are plenty of stunning Mediterranean villas in which to stay between cycling for an added element of luxury, thanks to specilist providers like Cro Exclusive.

The coast of Portugal, the most western part of Europe, is a popular holiday destination but also offers some great cycling opportunities. From the Douro river banks to the cities such as Porto there is a great combination of sights to see. It is also a great place for a spot of bird watching or wine tasting.

Further Afield

Burma is a great place to visit for a number of different reasons and one of these is if you want to try a cycling holiday. One example is a thirteen day Burma by Bike tour that includes everything from limestones cave temples with carvings and paintings to floating villages and even ancient Buddhist shrines such as at Sagaing.

If you enjoy Chilean wine, then a cycling tour around the areas where the grapes are grown is an excellent combination holiday. You can enjoy the amazing scenery, meet the people and tour the vineyards, sampling a few glasses here and there as well. A ten-day tour will include a number of major towns and cities as well.